Actor Foghorn Leghorn Diagnosed With Bird Flu

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LOUISVILLE, KY – Addressing reporters and hundreds of fans, beloved cartoon actor and chicken rights spokescock Foghorn Leghorn announced today that he had contracted the deadly Avian Flu virus.

The Avian Flu, or more commonly known as Bird Flu, is easily spread between birds and can be deadly to those infected within as little as two weeks.

According to Leghorn, he contracted the disease on a recent trip to Singapore. Singapore has reported more cases of Bird Flu than any other city in the world.

“I’m ashamed to say it son, but I got the flu laying down with an unclean bird,” Leghorn said. “I have a weak spot for them there, what are they called? Singapore prostitutes. I wish I didn’t, but I do. And now, because of my vices, I’ve gone a got myself something that may end up killing me. This ain’t a joke son, this is as real as it gets.”

Leghorn is the first celebrity to admit contracting the Bird Flu and many industry insiders are anxious to see the public’s reaction.

“I can’t believe (Leghorn) admitted it. Especially so soon after finding out,” said former co-star and current feature film producer Chicken Hawk. “Since I’ve known him, Leghorn has been all about the tail. So I’m not really surprised he got Bird Flu. In fact, I’d be more surprised to find out that’s the only disease he has. If the public accepts him now after this announcement, I think you’ll see a lot of other celebrities come forward as well.”

Leghorn’s announcement has already increased awareness of the disease and Bird Flu experts are hoping to use Leghorn as a spokescock for the fight against Bird Flu.

“Coming out about his affliction is a really strong moment for (Leghorn),” said Stewart Kline, Bird Flu Awareness expert. “I can’t imagine the balls it took to get up in front of the world and admit that someone with his power, his stature, had contracted this dirty, filthy disease. I mean, wow. Now the whole world will look at him differently. Good for him. Of course I can never forgive him or even look at him again but I suppose that makes me a hypocrite… that’s my thing. It’s really good for fund raising though. The Red Cross has already tripled its donations to help fight the disease.”

Leghorn thanked his family and friends for their support and said he hoped to recover not only completely, but soon.

“This ain’t easy for me boy. Are ya understandin’ what I’m saying to you?” said Leghorn. “This disease is an ugly thing. I wish I hadn’t had relations with that prostitute but what’s done is done. Now I have to rely on the support of my family and my fans to get me through this. No more Singapore trips for me.”

Researchers at the National Center for Infectious Disease have already contacted Leghorn about helping with their research.

“We can learn a lot from Mr. Leghorn,” said CID director Terence Qunn. “We haven’t heard back from him but we are hopeful he’ll work with us. If he doesn’t, we’ll just wait until he dies and conduct our tests then. His choice.”


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