New Drug Offers Women Faster Orgasms

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LINCOLN, NE – A small pharmaceutical company in Nebraska plans to market a new pill which the company reports will allow women to orgasm 97% faster, bringing the female orgasm within minutes of the male. Medi-Drug Pharmaceuticals will release the pill nation wide, pending approval from the FDA, under the name Fasm. The name comes from the combining the words fast and orgasm.

“We feel that it is important for the world to have this pill,” said Medi-Drug president Albert Cook. “Women have long been forgotten in the world of orgasms, and we felt that it was the time to say ‘Hey, women need pleasure too.’ Am I right? I know that sex was created for men to have pleasure, but it can also be enjoyable for women. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I think it has something to do with the Germans. They’re behind everything.”

Much like the drug Viagra, Fasm increases the blood flow to the sexual organs to make them more sensitive, thus making it easier to achieve orgasms.

“The pill works on a chemical reaction,” Cook said. “It goes into your body and breaks down chemically. Then there’s a reaction. Chemically. And that’s about it. It’s pretty simple really. The testing process was a long and arduous one but in the end it was worth while. The scientists all took turns slipping the pill into women’s drinks at the bar on the corner and then they would take them home.”

While Viagra took years to become socially acceptable, the reaction to Fasm has been overwhelming. Advance orders by pharmacies across the country are already said to be greater than Penicillin.

“If this thing works then it could turn the tables in the battle for sexes,” said kindergarten teacher, Kelli Stevens. “I think the only reason men have most of the power is because they orgasm so damn quick that they have more time to get shit done. Right now it takes some women almost an hour and men can get off in 12 seconds. At least the last couple I dated can… Hey! Can I get an Amen? But seriously, if I could come right away and not have to finger myself for 20 minutes after sex, think of all the time I would have! I could learn a trade. Like knitting. Or welding. Then I wouldn’t need a man at all.”

The drug, set to be released in October, will at first be by prescription only and will retail for about 25 dollars a pill.

“We know that 25 bucks is a hefty price tag but when you think about it, is it?” Cook said. “Think about it. You could screw your brains out, and it would take ten minutes. That would be heaven. Cus then women would have more time to cook and clean and do other women type things. Now our pill might hurt the prostitution business, and that would be bad, but then again, hookers are like roaches, they’ll survive anything. Except a blow to the back of the head#133; But other than that they are pretty resilient creatures.”

Medi-Drug intends to follow the launch of Fasm with a similar pill that allows women to have better fake orgasms.

“There are a lot of exciting things going on here and it’s great to be a part of it,” Cook said. “While the focus right now is leveling the sexual playing field, we are planning on working with the male side of sex. In fact we have a pill in clinical studies now that stops males from thinking about sex every seven seconds. With the pill that time is pushed back to eight seconds—with some cases pushing back as far as 11 seconds. Should be interesting.”


Wow,sex was created for men to have pleasure?You must be one ignorant,sexist jerk to even claim this nonsense.Sex was“created” for procreation,first of all.As far as the sex for pleasure part of it,it is supposed to be completely equal for both genders naturally as well. I never understood women who need a pill,or a ton of foreplay just to maybe get off either. It isnt difficult,and it also does not take women a long time to finish either. I take around 2 minutes,and no women I spoke to say they are not much different.the absolute longest Ive been told was 12 minutes.Most men take 8.Thats not much different is it now.Also what women do NOT orgasm 97%of the time during sex anyhow?This is new to me to hear,I thought all women always did,and often more than once in a row,almost every time unless the guy was excessively fast,which is HIS issue not hers. I can count on one hand the number of times Ive not had an orgasm from sex at an average length of time,masturabtion or other sex act. Usually it was the guys fault,or medical reasons why not,like pain elsewhere. Women dont enjoy overly lengthy sex sessions.After awhile it stops feeling ok and becomes just pain,and tediousness. I think the author of this article and ad is full of you know what right to the brain.

Kayfabe I would laugh at you. It is true that at least 90% of all women don’t orgasm. Most of them never orgasm. They only act, for the men. It is really childish of you having such a funny thought and believing women orgasm within 2-8 minutes??? Bullshit. You’re retarded. Women will orgasm in 30 minutes at fastest!!! I am woman myself and I have never felt vaginal orgasm and that climax. I wanted to but couldn’t. I have been sexually active for 15 years, several different partners including men that can last for quite long, but still never felt orgasm. I only stimulate my clitoris and reached clitorial orgasm. I like to have sex with men even though I don’t orgasm because it is nice to have/feel someone sharing intimacy. Women are like this, female body is like that, it is difficult to get that f******* orgasm. If there’s a pill that can make me feel that climax I would sell my soul for it.

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