VH1's "Where Are They Now" Ready To Go


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Just in time for the fall season, VH-1 has announced that two new installments of the hit show, “Where Are They Now?” will be premiering before the end of the month. The two shows, which are now in post-production, will center on two of the most beloved acts the world has known, The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears and the horrible fall from stardom each act took.

While the two are still going relatively strong, VH-1 has decided that if they do not act now, they may miss their chance by the month’s end.

“By the end of the month it will be to late. Come Sept 30 no one will remember Britney Spears. As far as the Backstreet Boys, well, that is just an educated guess. If they aren’t gone by the end of September, they will be gone by the end of October,” Harry Spielerman, president of VH1, said.

Spielerman continued to say “The last thing we want is to get caught by surprise like we did last time. All I have to say is Spice who?”

Not since The Captain and Tennille has a musical act risen as fast as these acts have, and this is why insiders believe that the end is near.

“Look at the list,” Donny Jordan, columnist for Rolling Stone, said. “The list it goes on and on. Ya got the New Kids, ya got the Milli Vanilli, and don’t even get me started on the whole Tiffany/Debbie Gibson thing. Boy that was a rough one. These people lasted for four, maybe five months. And you never hear from them again. Except for that Wahlburg kid, now he can act. Did you catch the size of his cock in Boogie Nights? Let’s just say damn.!”

Neither Britney, The Backstreet Boys or “Marky” Mark Wahlberg could be reached for comment.

The specials, which will begin airing the week of Sept. 27, and will be full of interviews of family and friends as they reflect on “the good times” back three months ago when it looked like nothing was going to stop the two almost superstar acts. Also the spotlight will be put on former fans who have since moved on with their lives.

One such fan, Christy LeChance, 13, recalls the time she actually met Nick, her favorite Backstreet Boy.

“It was like, soooo cool I mean, I was just standing there and he, just suddenly walked by me I thought I would die and then I just started screaming at the top of my lungs and he turned around and he looked at me, can you believe it, and he opened his arms and I just ran to him I couldn’t talk and he looked into my eyes and we just looked at each other for like five whole minutes then I started to say something and he put his fingers to my lips and shhhsed me and I swear, I almost died,” LeChance said.

While some fans still have fond memories of the groups, other fans were left scorned and rejected.

“I wrote A.J. a letter, and asked him to go to prom with me. But do you think that I ever got a response back? No! I was left all alone on prom night. All of the other kids were out having a good time, getting drunk and getting laid, But where was I? Where was Robert Desmond? At home, with his parents who don’t understand him,” Robert Desmond, 18, said.


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