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Do you have a desire to have your words read by over 50,000 people a month? Then you should work for The Scoop.

We here at The Scoop are always looking for a few good writers to help make us bigger and better. We are always accepting applications and resumes for the following positions:
  • News Contributor
  • Section 2 Contributor
  • Cartoonist
  • Monkey Trainer
  • Section 2 Columnist
  • Maid (preferably really sexy and looks good in French Maids outfit, but we'll take just about anything)
  • Copy Editor
Well now you are probably wondering what you get in exchange for your services. Well the truth is not much. We here at The Scoop don't get paid, so you won't get paid. Believe it or not we do this because we believe the world is messed up and we like making fun of that fact - hopefully we make people laugh at the same time. But what you do get is the following:
  • Good friends
  • Some free stuff
  • Good contacts and better references
  • Free advertising on this site for just about anything you want to advertise (subject to Editor decision)
  • And a sense of overwhelming joy as people all over the world read your stuff and laugh
Does that sound good to you? We hope so. If it does you can apply right now! Continue on to the next page and let us know a little about yourself and provide a sample of what you've got and we will be in touch.